Tunisie/offre/provides R&D tailored to Sustainable Development

Type: Je propose
Le nom de votre entreprise: Nifty and Adhoc Service Advisory (NASA)
Numéro d'immatriculation: 202016041
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Ville: Tunis
Pays: Tunisie
Secteur d'activité: Informatique, Télécoms

Plan and design smart cities

· create spatial poverty Maps to allow allocation of resources in real time,

· develop applications to predict the results of agricultural crops,

· design of health, agricultural, and water sources’ maps,

· design of databases mapped to ontologies such as: urban database, natural resources database, etc,

· use automation and predictive analytics to increase agricultural productivity,

· analyze health data to facilitate scientific breakthroughs

predict climate disasters using improved climate models,

· propose a plan for the protection of marine species, the fight against illegal fishing, surveillance and rescue,

· use of artificial intelligence, Big Data and Machine Learning in the field of cybersecurity, detecting and predicting crimes and preventing them before they are committed,

take away for video surveillance systems based on facial recognition AI to better detect the danger.

Contact Information
Nom: Hasni
Prénom: Neji
Téléphone: +21697275691

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