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Le nom de votre entreprise: Nifty and Adhoc Service Advisory (NASA)
Numéro d'immatriculation: 202016041
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Ville: Tunis
Pays: Tunisie
Secteur d'activité: Etudes et conseils

In many ways, SMEs are by definition sustainable businesses. The close ties they maintain with customers, employees and suppliers, as well as the integration of business activities into family life, mean that SMEs are often in a better position than large companies to understand communities and their natural environment. Sustainable development and corporate legacy are part of the daily activities of SMEs - even if they do not necessarily use the term "sustainable development".

NASA conducts R&D for a Sustainable development to make your company resilient, that is, giving it the ability to adapt to change. Sustainable create long-term financial value. NASA helps your company understands how its actions influence the natural environment and strives to reduce their impact.

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Nom: Hasni
Prénom: Neji
Téléphone: +21697275691

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